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(Note: An admission interview will be arranged after the submission of Interview fee receipt number. Participants from Karachi can deposit Rs. 1000 at any branch of UBL or Meezan Bank. Whereas, applicants outside Karachi must present a pay order of Rs. 1000 in favor of IBA Karachi)

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Kindly deposit registration fee of PKR 1,000 online or in cash before applying at any one of following account details

Meezan Bank Limited

Account Title: IBA Karachi

A/c Number: 9911-0101960067

IBAN #: PK 43 MEZN 00 9911 0101960067

United Bank Limited

Account Title: IBA, Karachi

A/c Number: 1146-00300025

IBAN #: PK 57 UNIL 0112 1146 0030 0025

For upfront and ease, online payment gateway is included. Please use this gateway and upload the screenshot of payment.

  • Select Payment Type : CED
  • Select : Certificate In Entrepreneurship
  • Write CED-CIE 15 in Enrollment Number Column
  • Rest all the information is self-explanatory

**Participants applying from outside Karachi are requested to present a pay order in favor of IBA Karachi on the interview day.

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Note: For Security clearance and parking within the IBA premises, write N/A if not applicable
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